17 June 2017


Earrings Everyday posted a little firefly challenge and here are the finished pieces thus far on their reveal post. I'll be adding too as I love a little challenge ~
So I made nighttime rendition of fireflies!
All torch enameled recycled copper scrap with buggin' decals.
I use copper from old viga covers so truly recycled earrings but this time, I just grabbed my scrap and went with their random sizes. As a result, one was much longer than the other so I added a little chain with a ceramic bead to the shorter of the two.
These are truly asymmetrical and can be found here with my other enameled
jewelry, and artisan components for you to makeymake with.
Happy creating!

15 June 2017

~New Decals

I found some time, as I awaited a needed document for my dossier, to return to torch enameling decals onto my recycled copper.
I had given up on the decals as over the winter the enameling was popping off when I slowly returned to the second firing of the piece. I was so upset and discouraged that I stopped trying.
But then, I realized it was thermal shock as my torching area is in an enclosed back porch with no heat, so even though the sun would warm it up some, it was just too cold despite the space heater.
Now that we have 90 degree heat, I decided to give it another go.
Woot! Success.
So I will be doing the decal dance again and selling them through my enameling shop. You can also find some finished pieces here as well.

31 May 2017

~May Art Bead Scene Challenge

I decided this month to go with a challenge. 
See the challenge at the Art Bead Scene blog. 
It was fun and definitely challenging as the powdered glass can come 
out a different hue than what is in the bag! 
 But I think I came pretty close...
 I love the faces! Expressive.
 made by happyfishthings.
  Also made with Love.
Torch enameled recycled copper inspired by the hues of the following painting: 

20 May 2017

~ the process

I dumpster dive. A lot. My latest, greatest find was a bunch of copper viga covers from a recent home remodel. My lucky score!
I cut 'em, clean 'em up and torch enamel the pieces. The finished product is either sold as components or used in my own recycled line.

See more trash transformed through this blog inspiration. And please visit me in either of my shops. here and here. xoxo

23 April 2017

~50% off sale!

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. 
I am liquidating so it's all half-off in both of my shops until the 30th.  
darlicioushouse with funky/junky sundries of past and present or artisticrejuvenation with my torch enameled recycled copper pieces. 
Lovelovelove! Happy shopping!

04 March 2017

~New Botanicals

Fresh from the flame! @ my lovely little shop. xoxo